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slainvampire's Journal

24 November 1984
"AND SCENE!" I am Heather, the founder of Pop Rokk productions here in Detroit! I love to make movies, write movies...watch movies...well anything movies! Directors=Crazy:) I am a feminist, I am a vegetarian (as much as limited resources will allow me to be). I want to get a few tattoos (when i'm brave enough!), I love the gun range:) I play the theatre organ... 1st place US title and 3rd place world title for 1999. I do Rock The Vote, I will change the world. I want to direct film, I want to keep my own last name. .. I just finished up a bachelor's degree in film and other media arts at WSU and plan to move to the big city in the next year. If I do some how make money, I plan to open a domestic abuse center for minors and a clothing company for older women based on the styles from the 30s and 40s with a dance floor and dance lesson