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My donation button.

As some of you may know, I was rushed to the ER in July because of a severe allergic reaction. I don't have ER insurance and the medical bills keep piling up by the thousands.

I'm setting up a sort of "fund-raiser" account that is accepting donations!
I know money is tight, but if you have even a few cents to donate, please do so. If not, please forward this to people you know.

Thank you for your consideration!
May you have a blessed day.

If you'd like to repost this to other people, feel free to use the following:
"Hello, my name is Heather! I'm 24 and a recent graduate from Wayne State University with a concentration in film production. In July, I was rushed to the emergency room for a severe allergic reaction and now the medical bills are piling up by the thousands. I know money is tight (hey, I'm a filmmaker:P) ,but any donation that you can make is much appreciated. If you cannot make a donation at this time, I ask that you forward this to someone you know. There is a "donate now" paypal button located on my livejournal:
http://slainvampire. livejournal. com/2008/11/25/
This is a safe and secure transaction. I thank you for your time and consideration.
May your holidays be blessed,